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As an expert in commodity markets, ARIA concentrates on trading in mineral steel raw materials.
Iron ore The chemical element iron doesn’t occur in nature in pure form, but predominantly as oxidic iron ore which is mined. It is the second most common metal after aluminium. This ore is used to produce steel – which is of dominant importance not only in infrastructure and the real estate industry, but also in the automotive and shipbuilding industries and in the production of household appliances. Iron ore is extracted by deep mining (underground mining) or the less complex and cheaper opencast mining process. Today, iron ore extracted by opencast mining comes mainly from Africa, Canada, Brazil, Australia, CIS countries and China. In recent decades, these countries have displaced those iron ore exporters from the EU that were originally important. We offer iron ores with a wide range of FE content from 45% to 66% as so-called iron ore lumps, iron ore fines, sinter feed and concentrate. We also supply steel semi products such as steel billets and slabs as well as steel coils and sub-products such as mill scale and beach or pig iron.


ARIA has a team of logistics specialists who make sure that the route from supplier to customer is handled professionally and efficiently. Owing to their many years of experience in logistics markets, they make use of their wide range of contacts with shipping companies and logistics firms at our headquarters in Hamburg and in other trading centres around the world. They’re thus able to oversee the sometimes long journey from the loading point onto the rail network and via inland waterways to loading onto a bulk carrier in an international port. To ensure smooth product transportation, we work together with ISO-certified international logistics partners and ship owners. In this way, we ensure that goods arrive at a customer’s premises from their supplier via a safe and efficient logistics chain, in line with market requirements and just in time.


Today, customised solutions are indispensable for transnational business, especially in financial processing. Since the establishment of ARIA, a feature of our team of specialists in this field has been that we always develop tailor-made solutions for our clients. To this end, we maintain excellent connections to financing partners worldwide. Together, we put together an intelligent financing package for the benefit of our customers.

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„We go off the beaten track”
ARIA is a Hamburg-based, globally operating commodity trading company. Accordingly, our team is guided by entrepreneurial thinking and is always on the lookout for efficient solutions for our customers. The focus of our business activities is on trading in commodities. The commodity markets have been highly volatile for some time and require companies which are looking to be successful in this area to be able to adapt to the relevant market conditions with a high degree of flexibility. In this market environment, ARIA can offer its customers excellent opportunities, as we have long-standing, stable business relationships with producers and are thus in a position to provide attractive quotes. The customer is the focus of our endeavours. Our experts, based all over the world, specialise in finding tailor-made solutions for our customers’ individual needs – thanks to their know-how and many years of experience. We thus pay attention to high product quality and to environmentally friendly and socially acceptable production methods. We develop a financing solution for the deal, organise an optimal logistics chain from the place of origin to the destination and have deliveries under observation at all times up until unloading by means of sound risk management and controlling. ARIA has been on a clear expansion course for years. The markets are looking for reliable partners and reward this quality with increased orders. ARIA has been able to profit greatly from this organic growth in the past. For further growth, we’re consistently focussing on finding attractive opportunities for our partners and customers worldwide.
Alireza Roodsari began his professional career in 1998, when he founded Roodsari Fleisch GmbH. He subsequently developed the company into one of Germany’s largest meat export companies. Since 2005, Alireza Roodsari has successfully focused on trading in ore and other metal raw materials. From 1992 to 1998 he studied economics at the University of Heidelberg and law in Oxford, England. He graduated with a Master’s degree in economics in 1998. For Alireza Roodsari, responsible entrepreneurial conduct and social commitment are the focus of his work.
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In recent years, ARIA has acquired a high level of expertise and reliability in international commodity trading. As early as 2005, sole shareholder Alireza Roodsari started trading in raw materials for the steel industry – at that time still out of Dubai. In 2008, Alireza Roodsari took over the management of today’s ARIA, based in Hamburg. Subsequently, the trading house successively expanded its product and service range as well as its supplier and customer base. Finally, in 2011, ARIA’s global presence was significantly expanded.
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ARIA’s focus is on trading in raw materials and energy, which will be needed in the coming years and decades for the development of newly emerging urban centres worldwide. In Asia, Latin America and Africa too, the population will grow strongly. Large numbers of people will move to metropolises. At the same time, the standard of living will also rise, leading to an increasing demand for premium industrial and consumer products. Raw materials and energy, as well as all the resulting products, will be needed to make these emerging developments a reality. With its long-standing contacts as a trading company with an international orientation, ARIA can meet these needs all over the world in a flexible and cost-effective fashion. We will continue working on expanding our product procurement in coming years. We’re on the road worldwide with a project team for resource evaluation purposes. This means that we strive to secure our position through targeted investments in companies as well as projects. When selecting our projects, we pay special attention to ensuring that the extraction of raw materials and the generation of energy strictly comply with international environmental and human rights regulations. In addition, our focus will be on accelerating our global expansion in order to be in close proximity to a large number of our dynamic customers.


Trading in raw materials, and iron ore in particular, is one of the mainstays of global growth. China and India are, by a wide margin, among the largest nations who have been driving global growth for years. Only those who can deliver in high quality, reliably and at reasonable cost can be successful in this market. For some years now, for instance, iron ore and the steel made from it have been subject to considerable price volatility. In these market conditions, it’s all the more important to be able to supply all the important components of a transaction – from the goods and logistics to sophisticated financial engineering and risk management – from a single source. To do this in a global setting is the service ARIA, with its team of specialists, stands for.
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• Our Conviction •

Human rights

ARIA’s Human Rights Policy expresses our commitment to respect the human rights of our employees, those living in the vicinity of our locations and our partners, including members of vulnerable groups. In everything we do, the rights of our employees, the people living close to our locations and our partners are of central concern to us.
Our opportunity: In carrying out our business activities, we have a great deal of contact with the people who live near our locations. This contact gives us an opportunity to demonstrate that we stand up for the rights of our employees and the people living in the vicinity, including members of vulnerable groups such as women, children, indigenous people and victims of conflict. This is particularly relevant in regions where special security measures are required to protect our assets.
Our goal: We strive to prevent human rights violations within our Group and along our value chain and to comply with international and UN standards.


Population growth on earth will continue increasing rapidly in coming decades. By 2050, researchers expect the world’s population to increase dramatically from just over 7 billion today to 9.2 billion. In light of such a scenario, the demand for housing, but also for industrial goods, will undoubtedly increase. In order to satisfy this demand, a further, increased extraction of raw materials will become necessary. In the past, several cases have been observed in which the extraction of natural resources has led to environmental pollution as well as social conflicts.
ARIA has set itself the task of only trading with sustainably extracted raw materials. That’s why ARIA attaches great importance to the fact that these raw materials are mined in accordance with the latest environmental standards and that residents of affected regions do not suffer any disadvantages. Once mining projects have come to an end, ARIA also works hard to ensure that the earth movements that have occurred are compensated for in an environmentally friendly manner and that any residues are removed.
In addition, ARIA is actively involved in projects that aim to recover raw materials from partially contaminated soil and to restore these areas to a pollution-free state.

Social commitment

ARIA is particularly aware of its social responsibility. We are involved in a number of children’s charities and cancer and AIDs research programmes.

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At ARIA, compliance as a company-wide initiative to adhere to laws, legislation and internal company guidelines is an essential management and monitoring task. Key areas of the compliance programme include anti-corruption and compliance with EU and OFAC export law and prevention of money laundering. The Board of ARIA SE has expressed its negative stance towards EU and OFAC as well as corruption violations. There is a clear commitment to compliance with the law and internal guidelines: violations, especially export or corruption violations, will – in the sense of “zero tolerance” – not be tolerated. Any indication of misconduct will be investigated. In order to implement this Compliance Commitment, a transparent, corporate image-oriented management culture is being developed on an ongoing basis. This includes the fact that ARIA staff are personally responsible for adhering to these compliance requirements. Our managers also bear corporate responsibility for the compliance programme’s consistent implementation. Both employees and managers are supported in this by the compliance function.


ARIA stands for a sustainable future. For us, sustainability means combining long-term corporate financial success with the protection of the environment, the health and safety of all those involved, and our social responsibility.
As a responsible, internationally operating company, we are particularly aware of our social responsibility. Health, occupational safety and the preservation of the environment thus have the highest priority for us.
As a result, our guideline for the protection of these values (Health, Safety and Environment Protection = HSE) is a central component of our self-image and not least describes our company’s key objectives.
Company management is thus committed to the following principles in the areas of health, safety, security, sustainability and environmental protection (HS³E):
• We integrate HSE into all of our activities and strive for continuous improvement. To this end, we set ourselves ambitious goals. In doing so, tailor-made HSE solutions are our fundamental principle.
• We ensure that our production facilities worldwide meet high standards of plant and occupational safety, health and environmental protection and drive sustainable solutions.
• We protect our employees and facilities from third party attacks.
• We face up to our environmental and climate protection responsibilities. As part of this, we design our processes in such a way that environmental impacts and energy/resource consumption are minimised.
• We want to be an attractive employer, a reliable partner and a good neighbour. That’s why we assume social responsibility and get involved in the communities around our locations.
• We engage in an open and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders.
• In our global activities, we are committed to complying with international conventions, local laws and our own standards for the protection of people and the environment.
We’re convinced: “everyone counts”. Everyone who works at ARIA SE contributes to the implementation of this guideline through thoughtful and committed conduct. This also applies to our contractors. In all our activities, the following applies: financial concerns do not take precedence over safety, health and environmental protection. Nothing is so urgent or important that these HSE principles can be disregarded at ARIA SE.


You’re interested in a career at ARIA? If you have ambitious goals and would like to work in an international team for a global commodity trading company, you’re in the right place at ARIA to realise your professional career. ARIA is a dynamic trading house for commodities and energy. All our activities are centrally managed from our headquarters in Hamburg. In order to realise our ambitious growth targets and to continue offering our customers attractive solutions in the future, we must act in an entrepreneurial, market-oriented and flexible manner. We want to be a reliable partner for our customers. To this end, we’re always looking for qualified employees and managers. You’re also welcome to apply on your own initiative. We have the following vacancies available at the moment: Currently, we have no open vacancies. Please send your application via email to: ARIA SE Neuer Wall 71, 20354 Hamburg, Germany Email:

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